Tweet Out of the Shadows by Joanne Rendell is a novel that intertwines fiction with science. Claire, the main character is upset about the recent death of her mother and remembers that her mother told her that they were related to Mary Shelley. She begins researching Shelley and realizes that this is true. Meanwhile, her […]

Tweet This review of Young Romantics by Daisy Hay at Salon is 6 months old now but is well worth a read if you missed it. I am STILL waiting to get book from the library via my reserve list but it taking forever. I may just have to buy it because I am really […]

Tweet Emily, at From Dreams to Reality, has reviewed Mary Shelley’s post-apocalyptic novel, The Last Man. And I must make a confession. I have started and stopped that novel more times than I can count. As much as I want to read it and as much as I enjoy post-apocalyptic and dystopian settings, I can’t […]

Tweet Dr. Lucy Morrison has edited and authored a new collection of essays about Mary Shelley called Mary Shelley: Her Circle and Her Contemporaries. Although many only know Mary Shelley for writing Frankenstein, Morrison argues that Shelley is much more than a one hit wonder and that she was also an essayist, travel writer, biographer […]

Reviews of Young Romantics by Daisy Hay

Tweet A new mystery, Midnight Fires, has been published that features Mary Wollstonecraft, the mother of Mary Shelley, as the heroine. As far as I know this is the first time that Mary Wollstonecraft has been featured in a novel in this manner. The novel takes place as Mary Wollstonecraft is header to Ireland to […]