It figures that this was the last page to complete. Writing about pages and faq’s are always the hardest part for me. That’s why I decided to launch the site before this was done otherwise it would have been delayed for who knows how long.


Who are you?
My name is Kim Woodbridge and I am a freelance Web Developer, who primarily works with WordPress and Facebook. My main blog and business website is located at (Anti) Social Development. I have a BA in Anthropology from the University of Arizona and a MS in Library and Information Science from Drexel University. I live in Philadelphia, PA with my daughter and two annoying cats.

So you’re not an English Professor or Mary Shelley scholar?
Nope. In the early 90’s I was researching the beginnings of the Woman’s Movement and read A Vindication of the Rights of Woman by Mary Wollstonecraft. I was surprised to discover that she was Mary Shelley’s mother and I became fascinated with the life of Mary Shelley; that she ran away with Percy, that his wife killed herself, that she wrote Frankenstein at such a young age. I am much more interested in this aspect than in any great fondness for the novel, Frankenstein. While I am intrigued by the subject matter and that it is considered to be the first science fiction novel I have no great love of the book and would prefer to read Charles Dickens or Thomas Hardy.

Anyway, when I first learned HTML in 1995-1996 I decided to make a website about Mary Shelley and Frankenstein – I could use the research I had done and my new coding skills. The site has gone through a number of incarnations and was terribly neglected for almost 10 years but I am still interested in the topic.

Can you help me with my homework?
Probably not. I spent a lot of my life in school and have had it with formal research and education and have no interest in doing homework. Plus, I barely have the time to maintain this site much less do your work. And if you’re not going to do your own work, really, what’s the point in your education? Feel free to contact me though. I might have a quick answer, be able to point you in the right direction or your question may inspire an article. If I get enough questions, I will probably finish the installation of the forum so you can receive assistance from your peers.

What’s with the links to Amazon?
A number of books and other research materials are available to buy on Amazon. I have an affiliate account. If you follow my link and buy something, I will get a teeny percentage of that sale, which will help pay for the hosting of this site.

So, you do this for free?
Yes, I always have. I have the Amazon affiliate links, a paypal donation button and other advertising. If you feel inspired, any support (whether it be financial or emotional) is appreciated.

Is this all you do in your free time?

No. I have a lot of interests. I love to read, especially science fiction and dystopian literature. I am a big fan of Aston Villa in the Barclay’s Premier League. I enjoy fairy tales and I love elephants. And I try to see the humor in everything and laugh as much as I can.

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